There is a sad update on the disappearance of an Illinois woman who went missing in July after traveling to Kalamazoo. 



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Illinois Woman Missing Since July 15 Last Heard From In Kalamazoo

The last communication from a missing Illinois woman came from Kalamazoo when she reached out to friends desperately seeking a way home while a man could be heard yelling in the background.

Police in Illinois are searching for 46-year-old Laura Wolfe-Orlovich missing since July 15, 2020, when she traveled to Kalamazoo, MI with an unknown friend known only by the nickname "SNOOP". The two were last seen leaving her residence in Marion, Illinois in a 2001 gold 4-door GMC Yukon SUV.

Laura stated that she was going to Michigan to help "SNOOP" with the death of his son and would be returning on Friday afternoon (July 17). Late evening Thursday, July 16, Laura called her roommates trying to find a way home from Kalamazoo, MI. Then early morning Friday, July 17, she called again and was even more desperate to figure out a way to get home. During both of Laura's calls, a man could be heard in the background yelling at her. That was the last time anyone has had any communication with her. Laura's phone has been turned off since.

Missing Person Laura Wolfe-Orlovich

Laura is described as a 46-year-old female, 5 feet and 6 inches tall, she weighs approximately 200 pounds, waist-length wavey light brown hair with blonde highlights and bangs, and blue eyes. Laura has two tattoos. A tattoo that goes across her lower back and a hummingbird and flower tattoo on her upper thigh.

Anyone with information on Laura Wolfe-Orlovich's whereabouts or disappearance is asked to contact Marion, IL Police Department at 618-993-2124, or if you believe it is an emergency call 911.

Missing Person Laura Wolfe-Orlovich
Missing Person Laura Wolfe-Orlovich
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