IS IT JUST ME or has anyone else had problems with this?

Any Driver’s Ed instructor worth his/her salt should have taught their students about this simple rule. Yet it seems that either they haven’t, or their past students just don’t care and ignore the merge rule.

So this is a no-brainer - who gets the right of way: the person merging into traffic or the traffic on the highway?

The answer, of course, is the traffic on the highway. The merging driver must yield and wait until traffic has somewhat cleared, making it safe to merge into the street/road/highway.

Yet, there are still numerous merging drivers who feel they have the right-of-way and the oncoming traffic should slow down and let them in. Nope. Sorry, Scooter.

This happens to me and many other drivers as well. Just the other day I was driving on one of our interstate highways when a car comes barreling down the entrance ramp. I could not get over, as someone was in the left lane passing me. Did this merging moron slow down to wait? No. He kept right on attempting to squeeze me over so he could get in. Yet I couldn’t, because I was between two cars…so to avoid an unnecessary accident, I had to slow down and let him in.

Has the merge rule become completely ignored? This is not just some one-off incident…this happens ALL the time, every day, to numerous drivers.

According the Michigan Auto Law website, “When a vehicle approaches the intersection of a highway from an intersecting highway or street that is intended to be, and is constructed as, a merging highway or street, and is plainly marked at the intersection with appropriate merge signs, the vehicle shall yield right of way to a vehicle so close as to constitute an immediate hazard on the highway about to be entered and shall adjust its speed so as to enable it to merge safely with the through traffic.”

So how do you handle one of these "mergers"?
You can’t without causing an accident yourself.

Just believe in karma… always gets ‘em.



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