I often talk about the problems we face as Michiganders and U.S. citizens, as well as problems in our world, so I am extremely happy to speak about a senior in High School who should be an inspiration to us all.

Her name is Rachael Steffens and she attends Laingsburg High School.  The Lansing State Journal is reporting about her inspirational act.  Click on the hot link and you will see how Rachael assist her band-mate.

Rachael is a member of the Laingsburg High School band and she decided that in her last year in the band she will not be on the football field playing her instrument but she will be on the field helping a freshman march as she plays her instrument.

The freshman she is helping is Autumn Michels, Autumn lost her eye sight at the young age of 4.  Since she is blind she would not be able to march on the field playing her instrument without the help of someone else, that someone is Rachael.

Rachael stands behind Autumn directing her movements with the band while Autumn plays her instrument with the rest of the marching band.

As Rachael stated to the LSJ reporter, “this is just what you do for a friend”.

Often we get caught up in the problems we have in our own lives, and we often forget about people who have it worse than us and the angels on earth that help those people out with obstacles much greater than we face.

Rachael, I want you to know that you are an inspiration to at 53 year old man like me.  Thank you for showing us what kindness you and other people having helping out the less advantaged then us, facing much greater obstacles then we do.

Thank you for showing us what human beings should strive to be.


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