In an attempt to entertain myself while waiting for the firestorm over iPhone 6 to die down, I decided to download the latest operating system update from Apple, iOS 8. Considering that last time I tried to update my OS it didn't go well, this was a bold move, I thought. I even downloaded iOS 8 on my iPad and iPhone 5. It went smoothly this time, and I found some useful updates, like an intuitive feature to texting which helps you choose the words you want faster - and correct your errors. Then I read this article from CBS News about some of the great features of the new OS, including the handsfree Siri feature, which is pretty cool:

It's great to just say "hey Siri" and she responds, though I found that trying to instruct her to text someone hasn't worked right so far. Guess I'll have to keep trying that one. Maybe these little features will entertain me long enough that the lines to check out the iPhone 6 will die down. Ya think?!

Which features of iOS 8 do you like best? Was your update successful?

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