Michigan’s largest health care system is beginning to loosen up on restrictions covering visitors to its hospital. Beaumont Health Systems is deciding the COVID-19 virus situation has eased enough for it to allow patients who don’t have COVID or are not suspected of having contracted the virus to begin seeing visitors.

It’s a big step for the Beaumont system which is still imposing Covid restrictions on visitors, including saying no to visits from anyone who has tested virus-positive, or who has tested but does not have results back yet. Beaumont operates 8 major hospitals, mainly in Southeast Michigan, along with 167 outpatient locations. So this is no small decision.

The Detroit News reports the decision is happening after Beaumont administrators have noted a drop in the number of patients being treated who are ve3rified to have contracted the virus. The visitations at this point will be limited to one person at a time only. And only patients who are testing negative for the virus.

In West Michigan, Bronson Healthcare has had restrictions on hospital visits in Battle Creek and Kalamazoo, but visitors have been allowed to see patients for some time. That generally includes a minimum age of 16 for visitors.

Bronson’s rules for visitation include:
-All visitors are required to wear a mask throughout their visit.
-Visitors will be screened upon entry for symptoms of COVID-19.
-Visitors should limit travel through hospital to essential needs only, staying in the patient’s room and avoiding use of public common spaces (exception: cafeteria, restrooms)
-Exceptions are only allowed for non-COVID patients. (Pediatric COVID-19 patients can have two (2) adult visitors that are parents, legal guardians, or their designees, must be the same throughout the patient stay).

There are some lesser restrictions in place at Bronson Healthcare for end of life patients.

Ascension Borgess also has been allowing visitors with restrictions. None of the region’s medical care systems are offering a prediction when visitations with patients will return to normal.

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