Many in Michigan are already fed up with many of Whitmer’s executive orders with very little or no scientific basis or orders that are for us and not her or her supporters.

Now a small county in Michigan has made the step to going back to normal life.  Alcona County in the northeastern lower peninsula of Michigan passed a resolution that defies’ Michigan’s statewide coronavirus restrictions.  According to Alcona County Resolution 2020-13:

“We are not advocating for overthrow or abolishment...but if these practices continue, (we advocate for) civil disobedience and ignoring the over-reaching and oppressive Executive Orders that have been inflicted on our citizens, akin to the Boston Tea Party, which was respectful to the cargo vessels but not the cargo itself.”

Alcona County Commissioner Gary Wnuk did state that they are a smaller community:

“We just don’t have the same similarities that you would have to Bay City or Saginaw...Most properties are minimum 10-20 acres. We’re not exactly squeezed in. When you take a one-size fits all solution, it just doesn’t work.”

Alcona County has not been affected badly by this virus they currently only have a recorded 32 cases with two deaths from COVID-19.

One of their concerns is the cost of implementing Whitmer’s edicts such as broadband for all residents, Denise Bryan, health officer for districts in Alcona and Oscoda counties stated:

“All the counties are rural and have struggling economic development issues including 'broadband desert’ issues, especially in Alcona and Oscoda counties...Local public health staff have been working closely with school superintendents, parents and elected officials to devise safe reopening school plans, and it has been especially challenging for the schools in Alcona and Oscoda counties as they are aligned, through their (school districts), with counties to the north in the Phase 5 designation.”

Is it time for more counties to stand up to Governor Whitmer or allow her to control so many aspects of our lives now that we know so much more about the virus?

Perhaps the better strategy after realizing who was most vulnerable to this virus was to quarantine the elderly and vulnerable and not quarantined the healthy people.

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