Well, well, well, I knew the Governor of Michigan was extremely liberal but I did not know that she may actually be a sexist.

In response to the Michigan Heartbeat Coalition petition drive as well as other states laws being proposed on the abortion issue MLive is reporting that Governor Whitmer stated:

And for government and a bunch of men in government, frankly, to get between a woman and her provider is downright dangerous, especially when most of them can’t even spell endometriosis, much less tell you what it means.

Now if that is not a sexist statement what is?  Could you image a male Governor making such a statement about women?  Such as saying they really do not understand how a car works or how to spell carburetor. The press and the liberals would be so upset their heads would explode.

Just another example of hypocrisy on the left and the press.  Wait did I just say on the left and the press, sorry for the duplicative statement.

By the way for you stupid men out there, which according to Governor Gretchen Whitmer is all of us, endometriosis is a condition in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus, the endometrium, grows outside your uterus.

If any of you women did not know what that means you need to self-identify as men for the next month.

The Governor went on to say that:

Michigan is a state that wants access for women to healthcare. This is a procedure that is safe, that has saved women’s lives and protected our reproductivity

Thus spreading another falsehood that pro-life people do not want women to have access to healthcare.  How ridiculous of a statement is that and that lends me to believe she is not a serious person and as Governor of our state that scares me.

By the way Governor there are women who are pro-life.

Also Governor Whitmer do you actually know what the words heart and soul mean?

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