Last Saturday Donald Trump Jr. was in Davison Michigan joined by Michigan rocker Ted Nugent and stated that the Democratic Party has become too radical to represent most of us in mainstream America.

He went on to say that due to the actions, policies, words, speeches and where the power of the Democratic Party is today they are more concerned with LGBTQ+ groups than blue-collar workers.  It even appears that they have given up on the black community and have moved on to the Hispanic community.  How about being concerned about all American’s like the Republican Party and many Americans are.

The Detroit News reported that Donald Trump Jr. said:

“They're more concerned about the 9,276 genders...I can't list them all. I don't have enough time and they don't even know which ones they are. There's a few more since I started speaking a few minutes ago”

I would add that they are enabling the Biden supporters who are doing all of the rioting, looting and burning of Democrat-controlled states.  By not condemning all of the groups involved and not attempting to use whatever force is necessary to stop it on day one they are in their own way enabling and or supporting what they are doing.  I do not believe that blue-collar workers appreciate the destruction and white-glove treatment the Democratic Party gives these criminals.

Don Jr. then went on to criticize Governor Whitmer and other Democratic governors for their over the top response to the COVID-19 virus.  Remember every life is important to Republicans, that said there are over 330,000,000 people in the U.S. and thankfully to date only 230,000 have died from the COVID-19 virus.  Also, remember Fauci and others predicted over 2 million deaths would occur by year-end if nothing was done and approximately 220,000 in a best-case scenario if state and federal governments did everything right.

Donald Jr. stated:

“Shutting down the country is sure as hell not gonna help it. It’s gonna destroy it...It’s gonna take what's left of the economy that Donald Trump created and run it into the ground.”

He went on to discuss his, the President and many intelligent people’s concern that our country would not be able to survive another shutdown he he stated:

“There are businesses, livelihoods at stake...There’s a point of no return. Once they shut down, they’re never reopening.”

Has the Democratic Party left the blue-collar workers in their dust?

That is for you to decide via the evidence, not their words.

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