As soon as I moved to Kalamazoo, about three months ago, I immediately started trying to absorb as much information about the area as possible. One of the very first things I learned about was the Henderson Castle.

It's been around since 1895 and is said to be haunted at least according to But, now the famous Henderson Castle may be able to be yours for the low price of $3.9 Million! (sarcasm implied). At least, according to one website.

While $3.9 Million is a little out of the price range for the majority of us, it's actually well worth the price. It's being listed by Jeffrey Wellman at North Harbor Real Estate and reported by Historical Homes of America. Check out some of these amenities...

  • 3.2 acres
  • 14 bedrooms
  • 7 bathrooms (one of which has multiple shower heads in one)
  • 11,000 square feet
  • A rooftop hot tub
  • A sauna
  • A steam room
  • Heated marble floors
  • Stained glass windows

And I'm sure SO much more.

Here's the thing....while Historical Homes of America posted the article claiming this historic castle has been listed for sale...I've found no evidence that this is true besides their one article. I checked out the current listings from Jeffrey Wellman...nothing. Googled "Henderson Castle for sale"...nothing. Social media...nothing. So, I'm not sure of the accuracy of the listing.

UPDATE: Thank you to Cassee Cox who commented on our Facebook page with the listing on proving that this listing is legit and clearly I can't google correctly 😂

However, The Henderson Castle is still listed as a bed and breakfast on their website. If you'd like to check out their bookings you can do so here.

Enjoy a glimpse inside The Henderson Castle below.

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A glimpse inside the historic Henderson Castle


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