If you think you’re going stir-crazy during this pandemic winter, just think about your poor dog!   Luckily for Battle Creek K-9’s, (and their owners) they have the “Home Run Dog Park”, located on the south edge of Bailey Park.  It’s like the Cereal City’s version of Field of Dreams: Build it and they will come.  Well, in the late summer of 2019 they did build it, and after that, they did come.  Last weekend, Battle Creek received about four inches of fresh snow, and the party….or ‘pawty’... was on.

Home Run Dog Park-Michael Delaware-YouTube

Michael Delaware, one of the original organizers and ‘dog park champion’, was there with his dog, Moka, to capture some great video of the dogs having a lot of fun.  “Last Sunday,  we had a morning snowfall.  Word was sent out to the Home Run Dog Park community for an impromptu snow pawty!  A lot of people showed with their dogs to take ‘park’ in the fun.”

If you’ve ever had a dog, you probably have some great memories about how excited they get with that fresh fluffy snow.   Here's a video from five years ago when our puppy, Ellie, experienced snow for the very first time.

In the video, Delaware reminds people to have fun but be sure to clean up after their dog.  “We pay for a service through the Home Run Dog Park committee to come in once a week during the summer months, and once every two weeks during the winter months.  But it’s still the responsibility of the individual dog owner to keep an eye on their dog and if they do take a poop, we make sure that we have bags available.”

Home Run Dog Park-Michael Delaware-YouTube

There was a lot of running, jumping, and barking, as well as butt-sniffing, tail-wagging, and nose-flipping in the fluffy white snow.

Home Run Dog Park-Michael Delaware-YouTube

Strong communities can be built one thing at a time, and after watching this video, you can’t help but realize that the Home Run Dog Park is a great example of that happening in our community.   Dog park hours are 7 am to sunset, year-round.

Delaware says they have some great events planned for the summer.   Find out more at their website or drop by the park and check out the “Woof Board” for announcements.

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