Driving is something that is a part of most of our everyday lives, to make it to work, run errands, support our friends and family, and even handle our daily necessities, we have to hop in a vehicle to get from point A to point B. Although most people's parents take them out for lessons in an empty parking lot or back roads and most choose to take driver's training during high school, there are still some not-so-great drivers.

Now, everyone's definition of what makes someone a bad driver is different, some people think the speed you travel determines how well you can drive, while others think it has to do with how you can handle the vehicle and sometimes handling in different weather conditions, and others just watch and make judgment. Well, there are good and bad drivers all over the country, but somehow this Michigan city was ranked worse than all but 2 other cities.

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When everyone hears Forbes they think of money first and rightfully so as they are known for putting out lists that showcase the wealthiest families and individuals. They have various lists as there are many different factors they use which create a plethora of lists to choose from. What some people may not know is that Forbes creates other lists as well and this time they made a list of the 25 cities that have the worst drivers.

As much as Michiganders brag about them being better drivers than the surrounding states you wouldn't think that a single Michigan city would end up on the list, well think again. There was one Michigan city that made the list and I bet you can't guess which one it is. Okay, who am I fooling? We all said the same answer at the same time, it has to be Detroit, and you wouldn't be wrong.

Forbes noticed that there was a rise in the number of fatal accidents across the country between 2020-2022, so they wanted to compare the 50 most populated with 5 key metrics to decide which city has the worst drivers. Below is how Detroit ranked next to the other cities:

3. Detroit, Michigan

Detroit’s score: 94.97 out of 100

Detroit has a high number of fatal car crash victims. The city ranked second highest in these metrics:

  • The total number of fatal car accidents (19.76 per 100,000 city residents).
  • The number of fatal car accidents involving a drunk driver (6.54 per 100,000 city residents).
  • The number of fatal car accidents involving speeding (6.8 per 100,000 city residents).
  • The number of people killed in fatal crashes (21.47 per 100,000 city residents).

Do you agree with the findings of Forbes? Do you think other big cities have worse drivers than Detroit? Do you think there are cities in Michigan that have worse drivers than Detroit?

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