After Memorial Day weekend it's safe to say that summer is just about here because I don't know about you but I was MELTING in the heat. It was very hot this weekend but we all can enjoy the sunshine after the cold weather of winter. Spring wasn't much to help us be excited for summer but I can tell by the first few days that this is going to be a long and HOT summer which means good time and sweet treats.

The summertime was made for you to make memories outdoors, take trips, and soak in all the sunshine but also for endless laughs and cool treats. Spending a long day at the beach, the park, or on your porch can all be sweltering hot and sweaty but nothing cools the body down like a cold dessert. Ice cream and milkshakes are go-to treats during the summertime, not only because they can cool the body down but also because they are delicious. But just like anything else, not all milkshakes are created equal, and this milkshake is said to be the best in the Mitten state.

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I am a big fan of milkshakes but that's because I think one of the best desserts on the planet is ice cream. Milkshakes make it possible to drink your ice cream through a straw and take it on the go without spilling anything or having it melt all over your hand. I'm not picky about milkshakes either like a good shamrock shake is always a hit, Steak n Shake makes a good milkshake, and so does Culver's.

Although those places have great milkshakes they are nowhere near the best in the state as that honor goes to Blank Slate Creamery. Black Slate Creamery has two locations one in Ann Arbor and the other in Brighton, where they have a huge array of flavors. I would assume that most if not all of their milkshakes are great but there is one in particular that is said to be a must-have.

Blank Slate Creamery is known for its white chocolate raspberry chip milkshake which is made with melted Guittard white chocolate, a fresh raspberry swirl, and chocolate chips. The milkshake is so good and popular that it was brought back to the menu after it disappeared for a while, I've never had it but it sure does sound good.

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