Going to the dealership and buying a car fresh off the lot is something that few people have experienced but most of us have dreamt of it. Thinking about what it would feel like to sign that bottom line, receive those keys, and drive off the lot in your dream car, is a feeling we can all imagine. Each dealership has something different about it that draws customers in, this dealership is trying something new.

Denooyer Chevrolet is one of the many car dealerships that services Southwest Michigan and more closely, the Kalamazoo area. They have a wide variety of vehicles like Camaros, Trailblazers, Silverados, and other vehicles made by the manufacturer at competitive prices for the area. As I previously mentioned, there is something different about each dealership, including this new thing that Denooyer has going on. Denooyer is etching its name in the car dealership history with this new initiative that has nothing to do with cars.

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What's This New Thing Going On At Denooyer?

Most people drive onto a car dealership lot and walk into the building to discuss trading in or selling their vehicles in hopes of getting a new one. You also have the people who are strictly window shopping or trading in their lease for a new one. Now, there is going to be a new kind of customer in the shop who is looking at leaving the dealership in something other than a vehicle.

Denooyer Chevrolet is about to make history as the first dealership of its kind within the United States when it rolls out their new program. Denooyer is about to be the first dealership in America to sell E-bikes to their customers. Denooyer is thrilled to announce our partnership with Michigan E-Bike Company, bringing the future of transportation to our showroom! We will be your one-stop shop for electric bikes in Kalamazoo, and we will soon hold an inventory of 40 Always brand E-bikes for you to explore.

Why Choose Michigan E-Bikes?

  • Extensive Selection: We will have a diverse range of 40 e-bikes, featuring various styles, colors, and functionalities to suit your needs and preferences.
  • Expert Guidance: Our knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions, recommend the perfect e-bike for you, and guide you through the buying process.
  • Test Rides: Take your dream e-bike for a spin and experience the thrill of electric cycling firsthand.
  • DeNooyer Automotive Family Trust: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with partnering with a reputable name in the Kalamazoo automotive industry.

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