One of the things that we have struggled with for centuries now is what to do with our waste, which includes both our bowel waste and our "disposable" waste. Trash is one of the biggest contributors to our atmosphere continuing to disintegrate right in front of our eyes. For centuries we as humans have been trying many different tactics to dispose of our waste in a way that is healthy for humans and our atmosphere, we have made progress but are still struggling.

We all remember the reduce, reuse, and recycle efforts that we made extremely popular in the early 2000s and eventually spread into the 2010s and beyond. We were trying to find ways to reuse anything we could, recycle all possible items, and reduce the amount of our carbon and other harmful chemical footprints to keep the Earth safe. This has been helping but we still burn tons upon tons of waste in landfills every year. They are all over the country but none have more trash than those in Michigan.

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I'm not sure how this came about but somehow Michigan has turned into the dirtiest state in the country. When you think about dirty places in America, big cities like Chicago, New York, Seattle, and others come to mind, but what if I told you another big city and state are at the top of the list? Detroit sits in the state that has the most waste in the country, meaning the mitten state is just filthy.

Secure and sustainable IT asset disposal and liquidation experts IT Asset Management Group (IT-AMG) analyzed Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) data on landfill utilization to see which states have the most trash in landfills per capita in U.S. short tons. Michigan has the most waste in landfills per capita in America, with 68.3 tons of waste in landfills per capita. This is 72.1% above the national average of 39.7 tons of waste in landfills per capita. Overall, there are 685 million tons of waste in Michigan’s landfills.

Although Michigan comes out on top, at least there isn't a bunch of trash and other waste sitting all over our streets, houses, and other parts of our state like some others. Also, they are joined by fellow midwest states Ohio, Indiana, and Illinois who are all in the top 5. Do you have any suggestions on how Michigan can become a cleaner state?

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