Michigan has been having some interesting times with the professional sports teams. There are a few teams like the G-League Gold and Drive, the Whitecaps who play in the MLB Minor Leagues, The Kalamazoo Wings, and other lower-level professional teams within the state alongside the Big 4 teams. So sports fans have plenty of options and have seen and experienced the highs of championships while also feeling the lows of winless seasons.

The Pistons are in another one of their slumps as they have only won 9 games this NBA season but they have won multiple titles in their history. The Tigers are also in a slump as they haven't been able to get into the playoffs in a while. Lastly, the Detroit Lions and Red Wings have seen the glory this year as the Lions won a playoff game and the Red Wings are on their way to another postseason. The craziest part is none of these teams are the most exciting to watch in the state as the west side has a new team in town.

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Grand Rapids is home to the newest professional sports team in Michigan. Now, none of us are surprised to see another sports team come into Grand Rapids as the Grand Rapids Gold have made Van Andel their home, now there is another team calling the arena home. The Grand Rapids Rise also play their home games in Van Andel Arena but you would never guess what sport they play.

The Grand Rapids Rise is the new and only professional volleyball team in Michigan. They compete in the Pro Volleyball Federation which also includes the Atlanta Vibe, Columbus Fury, Omaha Supernovas, Orlando Valkyries, San Diego Mojo, and Vegas Thrill. Along with being the only pro volleyball team, they also have the coolest branding in the state.

The Grand Rapids Rise uses a Phoenix as their mascot. They also have one of the dopest colorways in all of sports. The best comparison I can make is old-school Golden State Warriors but even that is a little off. As you can see above, they have navy blue, Red, and Gold/Orange for their colorway creating amazing combinations. Their website is linked above if you would like to learn more or look at their schedule.

Rumors Nightclub for Sale in Grand Rapids, Mich.

A longtime Grand Rapids gay bar, Rumors, is on the market for $3.69M. A cornerstone of the local LGBTQ+ scene for many years, the property includes a dance floor, seating areas, a bar, and nearly 40 parking spaces. According to the listing, Rumors is "fully equipped and operational".

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