Okay, I don't know about you, but I am AWFUL at checking my mail because who wants to look in there? Most of the time the mail is only bringing bad news such as tax forms, notices, and or even bills. With that being said, the one time I do check the mail is when I am expecting a check or small package and that's when I am bombarded with magazines, bills, and other letters that have been sent in the recent weeks. I'm sure these drives USPS mailmen and mailwomen insane but I'm working on it.

Although checking the mail may be an inconvenience for you because it's not near your door or you don't want to look at the bills, I want you to take a moment to think of the USPS workers. They work tirelessly throughout the year, not letting any weather conditions stop their daily route, the least you can give them is a clean and safe mailbox when they visit. This is why the United States Postal Service needs you to check your mailbox this week.

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The USPS designated this week, May 21 - May 27 as Mailbox Improvement Week, this is where they ask those with either a mailbox or a P.O box to check their boxes. They want to make sure that it works properly and is in good condition. There are regulations that all mailboxes must comply with, or they are considered illegal.

Your mailbox must follow certain guidelines, or you may be subject to penalty. The following regulations must be followed for all mailboxes in Michigan:


  • An approved mailbox by the Postmaster General
  • Designed to protect your mail from the weather
  • Safe to use (i.e., not rusted with holes with sharp edges, insects or bugs are not present inside, etc.)
  • Conveniently located (close enough to the street to allow ease of use for your mail carrier)
  • Looks nice

Here are some unique and interesting mailboxes found in Michigan:

Unique and Interesting Mailboxes in Michigan

Here are just a few of the splendidly special mailboxes spotted across Michigan

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A Collection of Mailboxes with Character From Around the Country

These mailboxes are anything but boring.

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USPS Says These Items are Prohibited, Restricted, and Non-Mailable

Before you go to drop a package at the post office, be sure you are not trying to mail one of these prohibited, restricted, or non-mailable items.

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