Some escape-artist cows decided to take a snowy stroll through West Michigan this week...

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We're used to watching out for wandering deer this time of year - but cows on the loose are more unusual to see!

The Walker Police Department shared a post to Facebook saying three rogue cows kept a couple of their officers busy on Tuesday, November 15.

Walker PD, Facebook
Walker PD, Facebook

The "black and white bandits" were caught exploring on the south side of Walker, checking out a new home development.

Sounds like the officers had a bit of trouble getting the cows to cooperate.

Walker PD, Facebook
Walker PD, Facebook

Walker PD shares,

Officers Harkema  and  McIntyre did their best to get the cows mooooooving along, but these bovine apparently had a beef with them and wouldn’t listen to any verbal commands.

Not to worry though, the three wandering cows are safe and sound back home, as their owner showed up to claim them:

Don’t worry, they didn’t milk the call too long, as the owner of cows showed up on a quad and eventually the cattle was corralled.

Yeehaw! Not too bad for a couple city slickers!

The cow-centric puns kept up in the comments.

Stacy writes,

Holy cow! I’d like to commend whoever wrote this…it was udderly amoosing!

Joel says,

I’m glad I herd about this. A legend dairy story!

Well, way to go, Wayland PD! Thanks for helping the mischievous moo-ers back home safely!

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