75 murals to be exact!

If you're looking for an ultra Insta-worthy destination for prom or senior photos, engagement shoots, or just because look no further than Jackson, Michigan.

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Yes. Jackson, Michigan.

I can't say that I know much about Jackson other than the fact they have a handful of breweries there, but now I can't wait for spring when I can explore downtown while simultaneously having a fun mini photoshoot.

In fact, it was a desire to attract more visitors to downtown Jackson that brought the murals there in the first place!

Bright Walls Jackson, MI
Bright Walls via YouTube

Bright Walls Festival

The brainchild of romantic and creative partners Clay McAndrews and Leslie Youngdahl, the inaugural Bright Walls mural festival took place in October 2018. According to the event website,

Bright Walls is a public art and mural festival founded and run by volunteer members of the Jackson Young Professionals. In just five years, plus a pandemic, the festival has hosted artists from across the globe and brought more than 75 murals to the downtown district — creating a new destination in our community...We encourage you to take photos of the murals and share them with the world. #BrightWallsJackson

Bright Walls Jackson, MI
Bright Walls via YouTube

Sadly, 2022 was the final year of the festival due to limited canvas space (a.k.a. walls!) but 75 murals remain across downtown Jackson to bring a smile, hope or inspiration to all who see them.

While Michigan is no stranger to art festivals having hosted one of the world's biggest art competitions ArtPrize since 2009, it's nice to see a different kind of art; and perhaps art that's more accessible on a daily level.

Bright Walls Jackson, MI
Bright Walls via YouTube

But don't worry about the murals. Of the remaining art the festival says,

Some mural festivals paint over artwork after a few years, but we’ve invested in clear-coating the murals so they last...While it’s always sad to see good things end, Bright Walls has paved the way for new events in downtown Jackson, and we’re excited for the future.

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