We're talkin' "Grimm."

According to the Zillow listing the home is hitting the market for the first time ever and was built and occupied by a master woodworker-- and it shows.

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I have never seen a space look so ornate, yet so sparse and dated at the same time. Aside from a few of the whimsical touches like the custom wooden torch light fixtures and the wooden unicorn curtain rods I'd say at a $425,000 asking price the home is remarkably unremarkable.

Todd Paxton, Keller Williams Realty Consultants/Zillow
Todd Paxton, Keller Williams Realty Consultants/Zillow

Other than the fact that it's a castle, that is.

In the right hands this estate has what it takes to be fit for a royal, but it will require quite a bit of magic to get you there. Let your dreams run wild!

Oddly enough, it appears as if the castle inside Bethany Farms isn't even the only castle in Charlestown, Indiana. We can all agree that's weird, right?

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