Over the weekend one driver had the misfortune of crashing their car in one of the most bizarre ways. This crash was so unusual that citizens couldn't help but take pictures and share their reactions to the accident.

Most residents who responded to the accident were just perplexed about how someone could have crashed their car in both the physical spot of the crash and the vehicle's position during the crash.

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What We Know About The Crash

The accident occurred on the corner of Gull Road and Sunnyside Drive on the East side of Kalamazoo on Sunday afternoon. Below you can see a picture uploaded to Facebook that shows the ending position of the vehicle. The vehicle is propped up against a power line next to a speed limit sign as if the driver tried to use the power line as a ramp.

My guess is that this driver was turning onto Sunnyside Drive from Gull Road and that's when things went sideways. I'm not sure if they were turning left or right from Gull Road but it is a sharp turn either way. The weather wasn't the best and this may have led to slippery road conditions as well.

I would believe that the driver either hit an unpleasant patch of road and their tires did not react in the one that one would hope or they took the turn too fast and lost control of their vehicle. This results in the driver hitting and jumping the curb and either landing on or riding up the power lines.

Stunned Spectators

There were tons of comments under the photo, most of them asking "how" one could end up in this position, but others decided to take the opportunity to poke some fun.

One comment said "It looks almost magical! Lol", another said, "What in the entire pop a wheelie on a Street sign is going on???", and even a comment reads "coming to the poll... Passat!!!!"

Two comments stood out to me, one of them was absolutely hilarious and the other one is the epitome of taking advantage. The first comment states "That’s talent, give them an application" implying that the driver did this intentionally and should be on someone driving team.

The other was "How and why but tell them to bring it to the shop" and posted with a photo of the address and phone number of an auto shop. What better way to say "I'm just the mechanic you need" than to post it on Facebook under the picture of the accident?

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