Ninja, who is from Detroit is a popular US twitch streamer that is being searched for in 20 different European countries, making him the most popular twitch streamer in Europe.

Ninja is the most popular Twitch streamer, as his channel is searched for the most in almost three-quarters of Europe as a whole. The countries that search the most for Ninja are Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, and Bulgaria.

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Ninja, whose government name is Richard Tyler Blevins, began his streaming career in 2011 and, over the past ten years, has racked up an impressive 18.4 million Twitch subscribers, 12.7 million Instagram followers, and 23.8 million YouTube subscribers worldwide.

Ninja is a video game streamer who goes live at multiple times throughout the day. He plays video game like Fortnite, Fall Guys, Call of Duty, and more as he showcases his skills in online play for his fans and even competes in tournaments.

His popularity has garnished a wealthy lifestyle as well, Ninja has become so popular that he can make up to $45,849.32 per post across his platforms. This breaks down to $42,904 for each Instagram post and only $680 per youtube upload.

Ninja is the most popular streamer in European countries like Albania, Armenia, Croatia, Cyprus, Iceland, Ireland, Montenegro, Norway, Switzerland and so many more. Video games and streaming platforms have become one of the most lucrative businesses throughout the world and Ninja is among the most successful.

I know those children sit in front of screens all day and it seems like all they want to do is play video games but when you can get on youtube and watch a video like the one below it becomes enticing. Especially when you learn you can make some serious money if you're good enough.

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