Everything in the world around us is slowly becoming digital, it's almost to the point where we're closer to being completely digital than we are to the beginning of the digital takeover.

From credit cards, to work meetings, to even school, we have figured out a way to make everything digital, so as the world progresses we can only ask, what's the next thing to go digital?

Driver's licenses and license plates can be a pain to deal with due to everything that encompasses a visit to the secretary of state and it's going to take a chunk out of your wallet too. Although, it's gotten easier now that you can pay online for most services and receive documents in the mail, could we ever see driver's licenses and license plates become completely digital?

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Some states are testing the digital driver's license or a DDL option, which is a digital copy or screenshot of your driver’s license; Both iPhone and Android users can already store things like credit cards, plane tickets, hotel keys, and event tickets in digital wallets. In the same way, a DDL grants you easy access to your license or ID on your device. Essentially, you'll get rid of the physical ID card taking up space in your wallet and have it saved in your digital wallet instead.

In Michigan, things are complicated when we begin to talk about digital licenses. You are LEGALLY allowed to have a digital license PLATE, but a couple of caveats come with that.

First, you must purchase your digital license plate from a private company and then register the plate with the secretary of state, but they won't give you one themselves. Secondly, you can't have a digital license, we aren't one of the states with the pilot program, so it seems redundant to have a digital license now.

Now, if you're anything like I am, you're thinking about what could be the worst possible outcomes of having digital licenses.

The first thing that comes to mind is being hacked, just like with anything else I have digitally, I am extremely worried about being hacked one day. There's also the small possibility of an EMP shutting down all power in America and not having a license or other things. Lastly, just someone being envious or just intrigued and stealing or damaging my license plate.

All in all, this seems like it could be beneficial in many ways, but like everything else in the world, it has its pros and cons. I think it would make dealing with the Secretary of State for driving purposes so much easier and minimize the amount of traffic they deal with as well.

Would you get a digital driver's license or digital license plate if they start to become issued by the state?

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