It's that time of year when many Ohio residents are calling out of school and work due to illness. If it seems like everyone around you is sick lately, there's a reason for that. Infectious diseases are on the rise and sending Ohioans to seek more than the usual over-the-counter relief for illness.


CDC Warns Of Cases Of Infectious Disease Rising

Ohio has been making headlines lately with infectious disease outbreaks such as measles and other drug-resistant illnesses. Recently, a highly contagious illness affected students and staff at Ohio schools. Numerous call-ins led school officials to shut down several schools for a day or more. And now another disease is on the rise across the Buckeye state.

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The CDC has now listed Ohio as 'very high' for cases of Influenza A, also called H1N1. According to the Ohio Department of Health, the percentage of outpatient visits from influenza-like illness increased from last week by more than 30%. Emergency Department visits were up by more than 15%. Most of the hospitalizations were in the Northeast and West Central regions. Experts say that while Influenza A cases are up in numbers, Influenza B could rise soon.


Preventing The Spread Of Infectious Diseases

With flu season expected to continue for another four to six weeks, ODH urges residents to keep themselves and others healthy. Suggesting Ohioans stay diligent about hand washing to prevent the spread of infectious diseases, stay home when sick, and get a seasonal flu vaccine every year.

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