What's Goshen got that we don't?!

Most McDonald's locations across the U.S. are pretty standard; Every now and then you see something unique like the Richland, MI location that looks more like a house than a fast food restaurant or something out of this world like the spaceship McDonald's in Roswell, NM but for the most part they're pretty cookie-cutter.

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That is, with the exception of Goshen, Indiana who has an entire Medieval castle as their McDonald's!

Richland, MI McDonald's
Richland, MI McDonald's - Google Maps

Every now and then I'll see a YouTuber or TikTok influencer post a video about the one-of-a-kind drive-thru castle and it's definitely piqued my interest. I'm fascinated to know: how did this come to be in the first place?

Lauren G-TSM/Canva
Roswell McDonald's - Lauren Gordon-TSM/Canva

According to Indiana's WKDQ and the Goshen News, the building is a Gallops Truck Stop which first opened in 2014. Located between on busy US-20 near South Bend the 23,000 foot building houses a McDonald's, Subway, mega-sized convenience store, and 11 showers.

Owner Harpreet "Monte" Singh, who operates multiple truck stops under the Gallops brand, told the Goshen News that he's always been fascinated by regal-looking buildings adding,

I wanted to do something new. It was a concept that came in my mind and I just wanted to work on it.

Goshen, IN McDonald's
Goshen McDonald's - Seth Meiring via YouTube

Now, I don't know all the ins and outs of McDonald's and franchises but I'm surprised Singh and his wife Simran were able to build such an out-of-the-box McDonald's and bring the concept to life.

Unfortunately, once you actually get inside the building it's just an average McDonald's. No jousting or goblets in sight. Get a closer look below:

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The home was built in 1795 for the Denton family on Long Island who is the founder of the town of Hempstead. It was an 18th-century farmhouse. McDonald's bought the property in 1985 with plans of leveling the home and building a fast food restaurant. That's when the residents of the Town of Hempstead stepped in to try and save the historic home according to Atlas Obscura. McDonald's agreed to restore the mansion in exchange for allowing them to build a drive-thru lane. Check out this unique and extraordinary McDonald's that is known as the Denton House McDonald's or the McMansion!

Gallery Credit: Lejaceman-TripAdvisor; Google Maps

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