There is no shortage of Indiana restaurants where you can enjoy mouth-watering meals in an all-around unique dining experience. When looking for a restaurant in the Hoosier State, choosing one where award-winning chefs are in the kitchen is always a great idea. And two that people from across the U.S. would travel to try are restaurants you'll want to visit.

Two Indiana Restaurants Named Best In America

When looking for the best restaurant in America, you'll find more than one in Indiana. USA Today narrowed down the best restaurants in the U.S. to 47 spots. Two were picked from Hoosier State. So, which restaurants made the list?

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According to USA Today, Tinker Street Restaurant in Indianapolis is one of the best restaurants in America:

Be it crunchy hazelnuts dotting the fried Brussels sprouts or pickled cranberries bursting amid whipped butternut squash, every forkful is a loving ode to all things wholesome and delicious.


The second Indiana restaurant to be named the best in the U.S. is The Elm Restaurant in Bloomington, Indiana. USA Today put The Elm on their list not just for the food but for the unique way it's presented too:

Nestled in the Elm Heights neighborhood next to a 70-plus-foot American elm that gave the restaurant its name, owners Martha and David Moore created a gathering space that invites guests to sit for a cup of coffee and pastry, a cocktail and small plates to share or a meal crafted to excite.

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