Don't worry, this story has a happy ending!

Each summer countless warnings are shared with the public and yet it still happens each year; we continue to hear heartbreaking stories of pets and children trapped in hot cars.

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Some states have laws protecting those Good Samaritans who break car windows to rescue those trapped inside-- others don't.

For example, in Michigan you are not legally protected if you break a window or damage a car to rescue a pet trapped inside; in Indiana you're only half protected.

Thankfully in this case it was a public safety officer who was just doing their job!

On June 29, 2024 the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department shared the full story to their official Facebook page:

(Public Safety Officer) PSO Poe was on scene when two dogs and a cat were left inside a vehicle in 90 degree heat with no air conditioning and windows barely cracked...We want to take this moment remind residents of the city ordinance that states you need to bring your pets inside when it’s over 90 degrees outside or when there’s a heat advisory in effect.

While sadly one of the dogs passed away before officers, including PSO Poe, were able to rescue it one dog and one cat survived. After making a speedy recovery PSO Poe inquired how she could adopt the surviving dog as her own and now "Abby" has finally found her fur-ever home!

Don't worry, Indianapolis Animal Care Services says the cat-- now named Eliot-- is also pending adoption too.

  • "Thank you much for rescuing her. At 71 degrees outside, a car can reach 116.5 degrees in an hour. Never leave your pets in a locked vehicle." - Jen Baston
  • "God Bless Officer Poe! Thankful Elliot is pending adoption too. My heart breaks for the pittie who didn’t make it, he’s now in God’s loving hands. Thank you Officer Poe for giving Abby a new, safe, home!" - Susan Blair
  • "I got to meet Abby yesterday. She is a very good girl. I think they are both lucky to have each other " - C. Dawn Dobbs

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