As someone who has a unique and albeit odd obsession with large oversized foods-- take the Wienermobile and Kalamazoo's Big Banana Car, for example-- this definitely piqued my curiosity.

Just the other day the official Facebook page of Downtown Allegan shared some BIG news,

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Did you know? Downtown Allegan is now the home of the largest Spinning Wheel in America!

So, what does that even mean?

Located outside of Baker Allegan Studios in the historic mill district, the wheel was built by blacksmith John Gooch of Otsego, MI. Weighing in at over 500 pounds and standing 14 feet tall, the West Michigan community now proclaims it to be one the largest in the nation.

What's a Spinning Wheel?

If you're wondering what the purpose of a spinning wheel even is-- you're not alone! Immediately images of Sleeping Beauty and evil witches come to mind, you're not far off.

The device used for spinning thread was fundamental to the textile industry during the Industrial Revolution, prior to its invention weavers were forced with the tedious task of spinning their thread by hand.

According to Wikipedia,

The basic spinning of yarn involves taking a clump of fibres and teasing a bit of them out, then twisting it into a basic string shape.[3] The spinner continues pulling and twisting to make it longer and longer, and to control the thickness.

Baker Allegan Studios invites the public to visit downtown Allegan and take all the pictures they want, but please don't touch the wheel yourself.

You wouldn't want to prick your finger on the spindle and have to wait for true love's kiss to wake you up!

Check out the spinning wheel in action below:

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