A new Netflix series is centered around a man who owns the last Blockbuster movie store in the entire world and that store happens to be in Michigan. The Michigan connection doesn't stop at the setting either, there are many funny references.

The state is name-dropped within the first episode at least three times but I couldn't find an exact city to place the show in. They find a way to be hilariously funny about a very real problem that's happening within Michigan and all around the world.

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Mentioning Michigan

The first reference to our wonderful state was a simple one to let the audience know where everything was taking place. The main character Timmy is talking about how the city around him has been changing and says "But look around. DJ Steve's Hip-Hop Flip-Flop Shop is gone and that used to be the most popular pill mill in Michigan" while pointing toward a storefront.

One Michigan reference had me falling and rolling on the floor as nothing could be more Michigan than receiving a ZUI for drunk driving a Zamboni through a living room during a party. Michigan is one of the few places in the world that I would believe for someone to be ticketed for being under the influence while operating a Zamboni.

I almost lost it thinking that the last Blockbuster store was here in Michigan, but it's in Oregon.

Although, this series does give off high levels of euphoria and brings back tons of memories. Michigan residents remember trudging through the snow on Fridays to pick out movies and snacks for the weekend, now we just click on a streaming service.

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