There is a very popular website dedicated to cheating called Ashley Madison.  It's not just a hook-up app, they literally market the app as a cheating app with the slogan, "Life is short, have an affair."  Each year the popular cheating app releases a list of cities with the most adulterous behaviour.  They simply break down new signups by city per capita in the United States.  What they found this year was eye-opening.  Ohio doesn't just cheat on the football field.  The capital city of Ohio had the most new sign-ups of any other city per capita in the U.S.  The Buckeye State had a total of 3 cities in the top 15.  Surprising no one, Florida is the only other state with 3 cities in the top 15.  We're not sure what happened in Columbus, Ohio that allowed them to bump Miami out to the top spot they held last year, but we are very curious.

Top 20 Cities For Adulterous Behavior According to Ashley Madison

  • 1 Columbus, Ohio (Not in the top 20 last year)
cheating, Columbus, Ohio
  • 2 Miami, Florida,
  • 3 Orlando, Florida
  • 4 Las Vegas, Nevada
  • 5 Atlanta, Georgia
  • 6 Richmond, Virginia
  • 7 Cincinnati, Ohio (ranked number 6 last year)
Cincinnati, Ohio, Cheating, cheaters
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  • 8 Minneapolis & Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • 9 Tampa, Florida
  • 10 Buffalo, New York
  • 11 Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  • 12 Spokane, Washington
  • 13 Cleveland, Ohio (ranked number 12 last year)
Cleveland, Ohio
  • 14 Denver, Colorado
  • 15 Baton Rouge, Louisiana
  • 16 Tucson, Arizona
  • 17 Colorado Springs, Colorado
  • 18 Austin, Texas
  • 19 Boise, Idaho
  • 20 Wichita, Kansas

It is shocking that Columbus, Ohio wasn't in the top 20 last year but had so many new signups over the last 12 months that it grabbed the number 1 spot this year.  Ohio, are you ok?


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