An Ohio Man pleads guilty to Federal gun charges after a traffic stop led to a strange discovery.

A traffic stop occurred last April near Heck Road in the tiny Ohio town of Columbiana.  A moment that should have been a basic expired registration traffic stop quickly became much more.  The passenger in the vehicle was 32-year-old Michael Mitchell.  Mitchell had several warrants out, so he was in big trouble.  However, that was the tip of the iceberg.  It turns out, that Mitchell is not allowed to have possession of a firearm due to criminal charges back in 2007.  Columbiana police officers noticed a piece of a gun in the back seat before finding more on Mitchell according to WKBN,

When Mitchell was searched police found a bullet in his lap and another part of the gun was in the passenger’s door pocket.

Ohio Man Hid Gun Parts in His Butt Cheeks
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Police were able to find a few more pieces of the gun in random places in the vehicle before booking Mitchell at the county jail.  It's what they found during the booking process that is both funny and not funny at the same time.  The officers noticed that the suspect was very fidgety in the back seat of the patrol car, squirming all over the place.  Then a recoil spring from a gun was found in a garbage can in the booking area. That recoil spring was allegedly hidden in the suspect's anal cavity before being booked.


Does that mean that the suspect was quickly attempting to take a firearm apart and hide pieces in his butt while they were being pulled over by police?  That's a mental picture that will stick with you for a minute.

Mitchell pled guilty on Monday to a Federal charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm and is locked up awaiting sentencing on June 14th.

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