I've seen quite a few purple front doors in Southwest Michigan. It turns out, there are a couple of meanings behind the purple front door.

As a lifelong Prince fan, when I see a Purple door I think that the person in that house must be a big fan of the Purple Yoda just like me.  Having a purple front door on your home has a long history that could be based on royalty or witchcraft.  Not Prince the musician.

Purple May Symbolize Witchcraft or Magic

The color purple has been associated with witches as far back as the 1600s according to First Security Mortgage,

A purple door can signify the occupant is a practitioner of magic, and it’s also the shade associated with the crown chakra, which is believed to link us to enlightenment and the divine.

It is possible that the person who lives behind a purple front door in your neighborhood practices magic or witchcraft.  Purple is also seen as a color that protects you from negative spirits.

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Purple Could Indicate Wealth

If you had a purple front door back in the day, you were probably flaunting your wealth.  Throughout history, purple was not only rare but very expensive according to Namaslaycrew.com,

A purple front door indicates not only financial prosperity but a richness in the quality of your life, as well as a sense of honor.

Purple front door could indicate wealth

Purple Can Represent Royalty

Purple has been connected to royalty way beyond the artist formerly known and currently known as Prince according to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History,

The color purple has been associated with royalty since ancient times.

Purple front door could indicate royalty.



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