Earlier this week authorities in Southwest Michigan discovered an alleged Chop Shop in St Joseph County. Upon the lawful search of the Chop, Shop police found upwards of $300,000 in stolen vehicles in Three Rivers, Michigan.

Although no arrests were made at the scene, Michigan State Police are intending to press charges against multiple people involved in what they are calling a "stolen vehicle theft ring".

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Michigan State Police searched three different properties in total, one was located on Welburn Road in Cass County, while the other two were located on Lang Road in St. Joseph County, but both addresses are within Three Rivers city limits.

Authorities located five stolen trucks, three stolen all-terrain vehicles(ATVs), and several altered trails throughout the two properties. These two properties were only about 20 miles apart from each other and took a brisk 25 min drive to get between the two.

Rattling My Mind

Since I saw this article I've had 1000 different questions about how this could have even happened. $300,000 worth of stolen vehicles and nobody noticed all these vehicles coming through? Where did all these vehicles come from? What were they planning to do with all these vehicles?

They said they found altered trails on the properties, were they using these ATVs to ride between the two properties to handle their business? If not, what were they using the trails for and what did the trails look like?

Were they using this chop shop to take auto parts and use them for other cars? Were they trying to resell these stolen vehicles? What other purposes could they have for stealing so many cars?

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