During this year's Oberon Day, there were two topics that were most talked about in the crowd - the lines, and the Shandies. Oberon announced ahead of 2024 Oberon Day they would be creating their first ever Oberon Shandy drinks, and debut them at the annual Spring release party.

Well, the demand was apparently strong enough that Bell's has announced that this summer, the refreshing Shandies will be available for you to buy off the shelf, with almost no waiting in lines this time to get one.

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Bell's usually tries to inject new flavors into their annual release of Oberon, specifically during the Oberon Day Celebration, the first Monday after the start of Spring and Major League Baseball. Some of the favorites form the past include the Mango Habanero, pineapple, and various other fruit flavors.

This year, though, Bell's opted to create a brand new drink, using Oberon as the base, and created the Oberon Shandy. The Sunshine Shandies are a lower ABV than the standard Oberon, but that's because a Shandy is a mixture of beer, and juice.

Several flavors were offered at this year's Oberon celebration, including Lemonade, Tropical, and Cherry Limeade. And now, due to popular demand, they will release the Shandies in a Sunshine Shandy Variety Pack.

Bell's Oberon has arrived in Southwest Michigan. Here, at the Shaver Road Meijer store. (Brandon James, TSM)
Bell's Oberon has arrived in Southwest Michigan. Here, at the Shaver Road Meijer store. (Brandon James, TSM)

Carly Davis, who is the Brand Senior Manager for Bell's said Oberon's fans have been asking to expand the brand for years. This year, the offered a fall and winter "Oberon Eclipse" to fill the void for when standard Oberon comes off the shelves, and now, they'll be adding the Shandies to the arsenal.

"It's important that any addition can live up to our iconic Oberon Ale and we wanted to create something for the Bell's drinker seeking big flavor with a lower ABV and lighter body. Oberon Sunshine accomplishes all those things and we're excited to bring our fans something new."

The variety pack will be available starting this week across the country, and at the Eccentric Café while supplies last in Kalamazoo.

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