I've heard the debate of whether a hot dog is a sandwich, and I'm neither team yes, or no... I'm part of team "Hot Dogs on a bun are actually tacos."

But a new debate in Indiana has completely upended everything in the food world, AND it has been stated on a legal record by a judge. In fact, this judge has deemed that both Tacos and burritos, are in fact sandwiches.

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Judge Craig J. Bobay recently ruled in a case that, yes, Tacos and burritos are a type of "Mexican-Style Sandwiches." Which, any true Mexican, or even southwest American can tell you, "NO... those are called Tortas." But let's see what the judge had to say, and WHY he came to this decision.

In Fort Wayne, this case begins when real estate developer Martin Quintana wanted to open a restaurant called "Famous Taco," but was up against a wall due to a zoning issue. The facility where he wanted to open the restaurant doesn't allow fast food.

However, it DOES allow for made-to-order sandwiches, and isn't specific about "what kind" of sandwiches they have to be.

Indiana Tacos and Burritos

Quintana went to court to oppose the zoning issue, and instead of changing the issue, the Honorable Judge Bobay decided to change the definition of what a taco and burrito area. So now, legally, at least in Fort Wayne, Indiana, Tacos and Burritos are now legally considered "Mexican-Style Sandwiches."

The ruling allows Quintana to open his restaurant at the behest of the zoning issue, and actually has a good outcome.

However, it has shaken the very core of legal recourse concerning tacos and burritos. Because in 2006, Massachusetts faced a similar case, however the judge ruled that tacos and burritos were NOT a type of sandwich.

So who do you think is right, and did the judge have the authority to change the definition of a taco and burrito?

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