It was a crazy year for the Detroit Lions, and as the season wore on, obviously a TON of awesome moments became worthy of the 'gram (and TikTok). And the Lions' Social Media was all over it.

Really, the entire production team should get an MVP award for their work this year, but there were some absolute gems that went viral, so these are what I believe to be the Seven best Viral posts from the Lions this year.

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Seven: Jameson Williams Creates the Team's "New Logo"

@detroitlions Idk. Looks a lot like the pfp. #DetroitLions #OnePride #nfl ♬ LIONS LOGO PAINTED - Detroit Lions

This actually happened during the Summer, before the season. But with more than 700,000 views on TikTok, the team HAD to make Jameson Williams' painted Lions logo their Official Logo on TikTok and Instagram.

Six: Jamaal Williams Breakdown on Hard Knocks

You saw it on HBO's Hard Knocks this year, but Jamaal Williams' emotional breakdown ahead of the season struck a chord with everyone. More than 105,000 views on Youtube, plus whatever it got with Hard Knocks views. This should have been a big indicator of what was coming in the season.

Five: Dark Jared - Activated!

On Instagram, the Lions were churning out all the best entertainment, and information they could before, during, and after the games. The Lions had just beat the Jets, and Jared Goff willed his team to win with a 51-yard TD pass to Brock Wright to take the lead. Instagram was ready.

Dark Jared - Activate.

Four: Derrick Barnes Gets Slimed


@detroitlions I see you, my slime. #DetroitLions #OnePride #nickelodeon #nfl @Nickelodeon ♬ SLIMING DERRICK BARNES - Detroit Lions

Sneaky Sneaky. The Lions have made it VERY clear they love their fellow teammates. And when you love someone, you prank them... a lot. Linebacker Derrick Barnes got the brunt end of one of those pranks when his teammates slimed him all over social media.

Three: Feeding the Bears an "L"

@detroitlions Catching Ls all season! 👏👏 #onepride #nfl #DetroitLions ♬ BEARS CATCHING L BREAD - Detroit Lions

As the season wore on, and the Lions started their 5-1 run against the NFC North, the trolling got better and better. After they beat the Bears late in the season, their TikTok channel literally fed a Bear an "L."

Two: Aaron Rodgers Makes Fart Noises With His Mouth


@detroitlions A little FTP for your FYP. #DetroitLions #OnePride #nfl ♬ AARON RODGERS 8 AND 9 - Detroit Lions

All that trash-talking from Aaron Rodgers heading into the final game of the season seemed to build up inside him. LITERALLY seconds after the Lions beat the Packers, and eliminated Rodgers from the Playoffs, they posted this gem. Masterful.

One: First Swagg Kazikage, Leader of the Hidden Village of the Den

@detroitlions Hingle McCringleberry could never. #DetroitLions #OnePride #nfl ♬ TROLLING SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL - Detroit Lions

You had to know this was coming. But, it wasn't just Jamaal Williams' SNF intro that turned heads. The whole team was in on the joke.

Taylor Decker from "THE...," Aiden Hutchinson trolling Ohio State with "THE University of Michigan." Pair that with claiming you're from Barry Sanders University, or you went to Harvard (when you didn't), calling yourself "Gator Boy," and Zo-life, No-Life (no idea what that means, still). This team was loose and ready to roll on Green Bay that day.

BONUS: Mic'd Up Against The Packers

That should be enough to sustain us until the 2023 season.

One Pride. Go Lions.

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