Cannabis has been legal for quite a while now in Michigan, both medically, and recreationally. That's not to say, though, the sigma of "potheads" and "weed culture" haven't completely gone away, despite a growing economy around it, and many serious professionals working in the industry now.

There's really no need to "hide" your cannabis usage in Michigan now, but some still do, for a number of reasons. So how can you identify those around you who might be partaking in the "Wacky Tobaccy?"

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First of all, I hold no prejudice in cannabis users. It's legal, and in a lot of ways, its usage can be beneficial. And it's no more dangerous than alcohol can be, too, aside from people who do smoke marijuana, which comes with the usual issues of inhaling carcinogens has.

But there are still those who feel the need to hide the fact that not only do they partake, but continue to try and "blend in" with society and hide in plain sight amongst non-users.

So how can you spot someone who's been smoking? (not that it matters, really) We've got a few things to look out for.

11 Telltale Signs You Could Be In the Presence of a Marijuana User in Michigan

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Celebrities with Cannabis Lines in Michigan

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