There are so many questions I have that need to be answered here.
1. What is a Zebra doing in Ohio?
2. What is the man doing near a Zebra in Ohio?
3. How do you get attacked by a Zebra in Ohio?

Thankfully, the guy who was attacked is going to make it, but the whole ordeal is strange, and of course... it happened in Ohio.

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NBC4i reported out of Columbus, Ohio...

"According to an incident report from the Pickaway County Sheriff's Office, deputies were sent to the 6900 block of Darby Road in Circleville at around 5:30 p.m. to a fenced-in field after hearing reports a man had his arm dismembered by a zebra he owned!"

DISMEMBERED!!! Zebras can do that?

Well... not quite. Initial reports of dismemberment were exaggerated, but the man WAS attacked by a Zebra he owned.

Authorities arrived on the scene and saw the man lying on the ground with his right arm covered. He did suffer significant injuries from the attack, but he will not lose his arm.

As deputies were treating the man for his injuries in the field, the Zebra returned to the area and began acting aggressively toward officials, and others in the vicinity. Sadly, during the ordeal, the zebra had to be put down by deputies.

Bodycam footage from the Pickaway County Deputies on the scene shows the zebra returning, and approaching before it was put down.

(The footage below has been edited to NOT include when deputies fired on the zebra)

A wildlife expert from the Columbus Zoo offered some possible insight as to why the Zebra was behaving in this manner.

"They're definitely wild animals and still have, like, kind of all those wild instincts and behaviors. Male Zebras are territorial. Their job is to get and hold a group of females that he wants to breed, and he'll be very protective of those against any kind of challenger."

Even from his owner, and Sheriff's Deputies holding rifles, apparently.

Pickaway County Sheriff Matthew Havey said he fully supported the deputy's decision to put the animal down after it had already threatened the safety of those trying to simply help the man who had been attacked.

Zebras are not on the list of banned exotic animals in Ohio, so the man owning a herd is perfectly legal... though not very common.

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