Otsego has officially changed the town's slogan and already people are putting them through the wringer for it. As someone who's never lived in Otsego, all my experiences with the area have been pleasant, however, long-time residents have plenty to complain about.

Recently, Aaron Mitchell, the City Manager announced on the city's Facebook that the change was effective right away and people were curious to find they turned commenting off on the post, but as we would see that wouldn't stop people from voicing concerns:
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“The greatest small town in Michigan!”
It is simple and it is bold. However, I think anyone from Otsego would tell you the same. There is something special about Otsego. We are blessed to visit, work and/or live in a town that remains to have a friendly small-town feel. In so many ways it is the same Otsego as it was 25 years ago while still remaining relevant in 2023. Not to mention a statewide survey recently found Otsego to be a top 5 small town in Michigan. Otsego is definitely the greatest small town in Michigan! This new Motto will be important to expand our marketing in our efforts to share all that Otsego has to offer to others.

Heavy Complaints

Many people feel this is the equivalent of painting over mold, as there seems to be a health concern among the residents regarding the Pfas or Dioxin levels they've supposedly been dealing with for years, as one resident REALLY expressed how they felt:

“The greatest small town in Michigan” is a lie that Otsego should not tell! Why not, Justice for Otsego as the motto? That probably doesn’t align with the glamorized look you are aiming for….? Stick with the current, not outdated motto and not-so-glamorous motto. It pisses a lot less grief-stricken, cancer-stricken, or other disease-stricken folks off. The current motto isn’t a fib, it’s a call to action! It may be redundant, but so is cancer in Otsego.
It's my belief the city has the best of intentions with the motto change, but as someone who hasn't lived or been a longtime resident, I have little opinion or view of the personal struggles. I only hope the people who are struggling with health issues recover and the city can strengthen.

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