Remember last year, when the Red Wings announced one of the coolest promotional giveaways ever, with the Zamboni Gravy Boats during their Thanksgiving game? Well, it was popular enough that Meijer is signing back on to do it again in 2024.

However, this year, there's gonna be a change... YOU could potentially create the design that appears on the side of the Zamboni Gravy Boats... and probably get one for free in the process.

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Announced earlier this week, the Detroit Red Wings are looking for designers to create a piece of art that will appear on this year's Zamboni Gravy Boats that fans will be given as a promotional item during the team's Thanksgiving game.

By visiting the NHL's official site for the contest, people interested can get a template of the Zamboni to create their designs on, then submit via the official page for voting.

Fans will be asked to share their work on their social media as well to help promote the design, and the Red Wings will choose the top four designs that fans can vote on.

Then, between June 17th, and June 21st, voting will commence on their official website. A winner will be chosen, and their design will forever live in infamy as a Red Wings Zamboni Gravy Boat forever.

Now, I would imagine they'd like the design to be Red Wings-centric, but I can also see where people taking certain liberties with the city's skyline, maybe working in other elements of Detroit into the art might also get a leg up as well.

Entries will close pretty quick, so I'd get on it while you can, and hopefully they pick you. How awesome would that be... your own art... on a Red Wings Zamboni Gravy Boat. It just rolls off the tongue.

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