There is a lot of mystery in the state of Michigan, and our urban legends are known throughout the country. But there are some things that have happened in our state that is beyond imagination and is impossible to explain. Many of these stories have been featured on recent shows, like the UFOs over Lake Michigan episode of Unsolved Mysteries on Netflix.

It describes a series of events that took place in the early 90s in West Michigan involving UFOs and erratic behavior over the Great Lakes. Most recently a story was brought up on the newest episode of Ancient Aliens on the History Channel. The episode was about Stargates and if they could actually exist. This prompted the team to discuss the disappearance of Steven Kubacki.
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For the better part from 1972 to 1978, Steven attended Hope College in Holland, Michigan. When one day he wandered out to Lake Michigan over the frozen waters and his tracks mysteriously disappeared. But the story gets much stranger as his website details.
On a frigid winter day in 1978, Steven Kubacki went cross-country skiing on the frozen ice of Lake Michigan, and he never came back. Two snowmobilers discovered his skis, poles, and backpack, and after an exhaustive search, search-and-rescue teams determined the 23-year-old college senior must have fallen into one of the deep crevasses in the ice and drowned. His family and friends mourned his death. Fifteen months later, a motorist in Massachusetts picked up a hitchhiker who asked to be taken to the nearest pay phone. It was Steven Kubacki.
What do you think happened to him? Do you think he was abducted or went through some kind of time portal? The truth is still out there.

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