There was something particularly magical about the old Tiger Stadium that once resided on Trumbull in Detroit. I remember going there many times as a kid and was lucky enough to go the very last game that took place in the park. It was actually a game played by college-aged kids, but the final professional game was a memorable victory.

There were so many amazing things that took place at the ballpark, which was once known as Navin Field and Briggs Stadium, from when it opened in 1912 and closed in 1999. But one of the weirdest things to ever take place had nothing to do with baseball, but gardening.

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Who Planted This?

There is a famous picture of former Detroit Tiger Ron LeFlore in the outfield in 1975 watering a tomato plant. But the plant wasn't in a pot... it was growing in the outfield. In a post from July 8th in 1975, Kaline's Corner reflects on the strange occurrence:

About three weeks ago a (tomato) plant mysteriously stuck its head up through the gray gravel warning track in front of the fence in straightaway centerfield. Tigers' centerfielder Ron LeFlore make sure the eight inch tall plant continues to grow as he uses a watering can to feed the plant.

I have no clue how a tomato plant started growing in the outfield. Was it a late April Fool's Day prank, or did someone lose a tomato off a burger and the wind carry and germinate one of the seeds? I need to know.

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