A lot of scrutiny is being paid attention to the empires in Major League Baseball this year, as the potential for virtual umpires is gaining some steam among a few in the league. But for most, it's the human element and error that makes for such interesting storylines and occurrences in the games.

Well, one such strange occurrence happened in a Tigers game recently, when the home plate umpire called for an ejection... but had no idea who he was ejecting form the dugout.

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During the Tigers home stand against the Marlines recently, during Game two of the series on May 14th, the Tigers were tied 0-0 at the top of the 2nd with one out. Vical Brujan of the Miami Marlins was batting, and pitcher Reese Olson had thrown two strikes, just barely painting the outside of the strike zone.

Miami Marlins manager Skip Schumaker wasn't a fan of the strike calls, and let it be known to home plate umpire Ben May. May shot a warning at the dugout, and turned to continue the game. But that's when things took a turn.

About the same time, also from the dugout, bench coach Luis Urueta can be seen clapping his hands, and indicating to Schumaker to break up the argument, and get the game going.

Well, that was enough for May, who turned to the dugout and ejected.... someone.

Both Schumaker and another coach turned their head into the dugout, looking for the culprit who kept talking when May clearly told them to keep it down, and nobody knew who he was talking to. That's when Skip gave his best Owl impression, and dropped at least two dozen "Who"s to May, trying to figure out which person he was ejecting.

Umpire Ejection at Tigers game
Youtube/Jomboy media

May proceeded to tell Schumaker, "Whoever said it (the pitch) was low," was who needed to be ejected, but it wasn't Skip, whom May said should have been ejected. So for the next two or three minutes, May went back and forth with coaches, and with other umpires to figure out... who he ejected.

Even the rest of the Marlins Dugout couldn't figure out who May would have been talking to, since the only person who was making ANY noise at that point was Urueta, who was clapping to get the game going again.

During this whole mess, the dugout gave their best "pointing Spider-Man" meme impression, pointing fingers at everyone trying to figure out who might have been the person the ump was yelling at.

Umpire Ejection Tigers Game
Youtube/Jomboy media

Ultimately, Ureta, despite talking with the empire team and explaining what was really happening, did take the ejection, and I guess good news for Miami was, they got the win anyway 1-0 in the 10th.

But still, what a strange series of events in a game, and all of this happening when, as we mentioned before, officiating and umpire calls in the MLB are under extreme scrutiny, following the disastrous start to the year with Angel Hernandez, who ultimately decided to retire only a few months into the season.

Watch Jomboy Media's lip-read of the incident below, and decide for yourself, is this really happening?

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