Back in April, Amazon sent an e-mail to customers claiming that Avengers: Age of Ultron was available for pre-order on DVD and Blu-ray and would include an “extended edition”. The online retailer quickly retracted that statement saying that nothing had been officially confirmed by Disney and/or Marvel. Now, director Joss Whedon has had his say on the upcoming Avengers 2 DVD and can confirm that there will be no extended or director’s cut of the film, mostly because he’s “super f---king lazy”.

Whedon was a guest at Nerd HQ at Comic-Con and was asked about this rumored cut of the film that might make the DVD release. He quickly shot that down.

It has always been my ambition never to do a director’s cut of anything, and always to make the movie with the studio that we both want to make. Ultron was very complex. There was a lot of back-and-forth. My instinct is no. Just as an artist, I’m super f*king lazy and that sounds like it would be hard. I don’t think there’s interest in it, right now. You’ll see a bunch of stuff on the DVD in extras that were meant to be there. But the narrative came together very close to the way that I hoped it would, and I don’t think it needs me to constantly tweak it. I feel you put something out, and there it is.

If I tell a story, I want that to be the story I told. Ultron may have some transitions that I’m not 100% on board with. It’s also one of the most ridiculously personal things I’ve ever put on screen. The fact that Marvel gave me that opportunity and supported it, I’m very happy and very proud of everybody that worked on it. I don’t feel the need to go in and fix. I feel like, there she is.

More than anything else, it sounds like Whedon wants to completely cleanse himself of the Marvel experience. He’s made no secret about how difficult it was to film both of the Avengers movies, and more than even being lazy, it likely means he doesn’t want to have to put himself through that again.

Also likely contributing to his decision was that Whedon took so much heat for Age of Ultron (for the relationship between Hulk and Black Widow, among other things) that he wound up having to quit Twitter. Revisiting the film and releasing a new cut would only open up those criticisms again, especially if a director’s cut or extended edition failed to address any of those concerns or criticism.

Whedon did tease lots of extras and didn’t rule out an alternate ending to the film, but they’ll be included as separate bonus features, not incorporated into the existing cut of the movie.

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