Two days ago I reported on a mother in Texas who sought to terminate the father’s parental rights because he refused to affirm that his 7 year old son wanted to be a girl.

The mother, Dr. Anne Georgulas a pediatrician of twin boys age 7 believes one of her sons is not a son but a daughter.

Why does she believe one of her son’s is a girl, because at the age of 6 she said he began to imitate female characters from the Disney movie Frozen and asked for a girls’ toy at McDonald’s.  She also said her 6/7 year old would ask to wear dresses from time to time.

The interesting part is when the boy, legally named James, is with his father he does not do what his mother alleges and behaves as a boy by his own choice.  Family members and friends testified that when in his father’s care he dresses and behaves as a boy by his own choosing.

Well I have some great news to report as an update and you already know from the title of the piece.  According to Life Site News the judge presiding over this case ruled yesterday that both parents will have joint conservatorship over the boy, which he ruled would include making joint medical decisions for the child.  It is nice to know that some sanity actually made its way into a court room.

Last Monday, a jury ruled 11-1 that the current Joint Managing Conservatorship should be replaced by a Sole Managing Conservatorship and that Sole Managing Conservatorship would go to the mother.

What I am not sure about and no one is reporting on is how the judge’s ruling overrules the jury’s ruling last Monday.

For now it appears to mean the mother cannot go forward in transitioning her son to her daughter without permission from the father of the boy.

Whether the boy believes he is a girl or not he is much too young to be making that decision, as I stated in my last piece about this; Studies have been conducted looking at whether gender dysphoria persists throughout childhood. Those studies found that an average of 80% of children change their minds and do not continue into adulthood as transgender.  Even if you believe the number is exaggerated what if that number was 10% of children change their minds.  Any number is a big enough number to tell me that any medical transition should wait until after puberty.

For those of you who might read the Daily Beast what I found interesting is a headline to a story they wrote about this situation titled “How the Right Weaponized a 7-Year-Old Trans Child”.

Really the “right” weaponized this 7-year old and not the mother against the father or The Daily Beast against sane people in writing a piece how the “right” weaponized the boy.

Check out what the boy tells his father about what his mother is doing to him, this comes from the Save James YouTube channel:

One of the big problems with attempting to speak with people on the middle to far left is they read drivel like the Daily Beast.

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