Most people in the state don’t know much about the Michigan Court of Claims.  Good reason. It’s typically a low profile court. It was set up by the State Supreme Court to handle civil cases brought against state government. It’s getting more attention now. A legal challenge to Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s shutdown orders went before the court. A single Judge in the court’s Western District heard the case. The judge is siding with the Governor.  No surprise Whitmer’s office is applauding the decision. The Detroit News reports the attorney who filed the lawsuit on behalf of several clients says, "We are disappointed in the judge’s ruling today but this does not end the case, nor the fight. There are still many issues to be resolved. And although we will not see any temporary relief, we are looking forward to setting precedence so that this kind of action cannot be taken by this governor or any future governors." The plaintiffs argued provisions of the Governor’s shutdown order are “arbitrary, capricious, irrational and abusive.” In his opinion,  Court of Claims Judge Christopher Murray says constitutional rights are “subject to reasonable regulation by the state.”

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