While the majority of us were confined to our homes deciding what show to binge next, whether or not we were going to learn a new skill or just sit on the couch, those who were essential were still going about their daily lives often times risking their own safety to protect ours.

Kalamazoo just approved a way to say 'thank you' with cash. Originally introduced and passed in July, Senate Bill 690 focuses on hazard pay for eligible first responders and public safety workers. On Monday, the Kalamazoo City Commission accepted and approved the grant that will make this possible stating,

Kalamazoo Public Safety employees continued to work while facilities were closed to the public, responding to calls and interacting with the public daily. The activities of Kalamazoo Public Safety are essential to the overall safety of the community

According to MLive.com, the grants are served on a first come first serve basis until funds are depleted with every grant giving $1k in retroactive hazard pay for eligible first responders who worked in April and May.

As stated in the commission's agenda, funds must be paid by September 30th for those that applied. For more information or for the full agenda of the commission meeting click here.

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