About 100 people took to the Streets of Kalamazoo to protest for women’s rights.  According to Mlive they were alongside the road on Michigan Avenue.

First I would like to thank them for being on the side of Michigan Avenue instead of the middle of the road blocking people from getting to work or going about their day.

One women who attended the protest and stated she attended protest in the 1970s, Iris Potter, was quoted in the article stating:

We're still here today trying to make it right

Can anyone please tell me, all of my listeners of my radio program and readers what rights do women exactly do not have?

It is a simple question that needs to be answered before you could even determine why these people are protesting and to take them seriously.

Another protester by the name of Paulette Thompson started to discuss raising the next generation of boys when she stated:

They just need to learn how to treat human beings

Ms. Thompson stated this as she stood next to her 10-year-old son.  Really, is this what you are teaching your addition to the next generation of boys?  That there are many men and boys who do not treat women and others as “human beings”

Then we have another protestor David Greenquist who stated that he has no children but is concerned about our boys stated:

A man should never put his hands on a woman in anger…Anyone who lives by the adage 'boys will be boys' shouldn't be allowed to raise boys.

Who teaches their boys that they can put their hands on a women in anger and we can just chalk it up to “boys will be boys”?  No one except the ones who are not very bright and are probably just bad parents in general.

Another mother named Molly Mechtenberg, whose own son 14-year-old son was standing right next to her stated:

We need to teach teenage boys that this is not acceptable.

Again who are these parents who would ever teach their children that it is acceptable to put their hands on girls and women in anger?

You see where this is going and it appears there are parents right here in Michigan who are concerned about the next generation of boys yet are filling their boys with all kinds of corrosive ideas.

Good luck boys growing up in light of the parenting that you are experiencing.

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