Four Kalamazoo men, accused of being involved in a scheme to run guns to Chicago, are facing a federal indictment.

The indictment was issued August 31 in Chicago Federal Court, and accuses 23-year-old Cornelius Battle and 27-year-old Dalrick Drain of Kalamazoo of purchasing guns at Kalamazoo stores, and selling them to 21-year-old Nathaniel McElroy of Chicago at a premium.

The US Attorney’s Office for Northern Illinois says in a press release Tuesday that at least 9 handguns were brought into Chicago this way, with the help of two other Kalamazoo men, Reginald Johnson and Lashon Moore. The indictment charges these 5 men with one count of conspiracy to deal firearms without a license and to transfer firearms to non-Michigan Residents, and one count of willfully dealing firearms without a license.

McElroy, Battle and Moore are in custody, while Drain and Johnson have warrants out for their arrest as of Tuesday.

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