A Kalamazoo area pastor and former head of the local NAACP is facing several accusations of sexually assaulting teenage girls.

WOODTV says that according to the Michigan State Police, their investigation revealed that the Reverend Strick Strickland from the Second Baptist Church paid four victims under the age of 17 to have sex with him at his family home, a home owned by the church.

At least one of the alleged victims was as young as 14.

The MSP says that these allegations came to light after a four-month long investigation, and they urge any other potential victims to come forward. Reverend Strickland denies these allegations, calling them “100 percent false”, and says that his family home is a “safe haven” for area children.

Investigators turned over what they learned to prosecutors, who have yet to make a decision on whether to charge Strickland with any crime.

If there are charges filed, Strickland's attorney says that their defense will work hard to exonerate him.

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