Kalamazoo's Delish Supper Club will be opening their own store front in the building that used to host Farrell Audio & Video, connected to the old Theo & Stacy's location off of Westnedge. The Delish Supper Club is a private supper club that began in October 2019 as a delivery-only meal service in Kalamazoo. Originally, they were a ghost kitchen, but as demand picked up they soon realized a commercial space was going to be necessary for future operations. But just as they began to look, the pandemic began. This shut down their ability to deliver, while also using a shared kitchen.

But with the pandemic came ingenuity and creativity for business owners, and the supper club was bound to keep progressing, as one of their owners described to me:

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As people continued to reach out to us and the boredom of COVID shutdown sank in we came up with the idea of a private supper club. We decided to host small, intimate, COVID conscious dinners for twenty in our home. We made certain to space seating six feet apart, require masks, and equipped each table with hand sanitizer.


Finding A Location

Recently we began our search for a building again and were eyeing the Theo & Stacy building on Westnedge. After viewing the property we asked the realtor to show us the building next door also and once we viewed this property we immediately knew this was it. While Theo & Stacy’s is an excellent property and prime location the other building offered the intimate feel that we wanted to maintain throughout the transition so we gladly chose the space located at 4321 S Westnedge. We are currently set to begin remodeling and construction with the expectation to open for members first quarter of 2022.

The Supper Club says that this location will be suited for members who are seeking to enjoy great food in a chill, intimate, atmosphere, offering daily pickup or dine-in for members, along with bi-monthly events, and the option to rent out club space for private events. All members must be 21+ and people can purchase one of their tiered memberships at delishsupperclub.com.

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